Branson Area Relay for Life

Adriane basically forced me to go with her Friday night to the Relay for Life event in Branson.  I knew that the events are a wonderful place for people dealing with cancer but I just wasn’t feeling it.  I was so glad she twisted my arm to go with her.

She was there to support a friend from work who was guest speaking about her son’s battle with cancer.  We ended up working around the track with a group of people.  Kicking off the relay was the group of cancer survivors all wearing their purple shirts.  Once they completed a lap family and friends were encouraged to join them walking.  It was something special to see families join their loved ones who are fighting cancer or who have beaten it.  I was moved.  Before dark while walking the track we looked at all the names on the illuminaries.  There were so many that they filled the outside perimeter of this track.  When we got to the S section we noticed one with my mother’s name on it, Francie Stauffer.  I wondered who had purchased one for her.  Later we thought we might find out while to sun went down and the people went to light the candles.  We did find out that some friends had both bought an illuminary for my mother.  That really moved me in a way that is hard for me to communicate.  It was truly special!  To the sound of amazing grace on the bagpipes the torch was bought around the track and people became to light their candles in memory/honor of their loved ones I thought what a great thing this Relay for Life is.  It brings about a whole multitude of emotions for me.  I thought how healthy it is to honor and remember the ones we’ve lost and also how great it is to encourage and bring hope to those struggling with a disease such as cancer.  It was amazing to see all those lighted paper bags in the silence of night.


Francie Stauffer Illuminaries

Francie Stauffer Illuminaries

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