Signature Issue When Replying in Outlook for Mac 2011

I noticed when replying to emails that were sent in plain text vs. HTML that my default signature would include the name of the signature above the actual configured signature in the reply.  In my case, “Adam” was the name of the signature I created for my GMAIL signature.  In the images below you see my signature and Adam above it.

Go to Outlook>Preferences>Composing and uncheck “When replying or forwarding, use the format of the original message.” which seemed to resolve the issue.


  1. Dear Sir,

    In MAC when i send a mail with attachment to a person. It is showing signature as a hyperlink. While i send a test file without attachment .It is coming in a right manner.

    so please give advise for me for correct requirement

    • shanid-

      Not sure that you are having the same issue I was. I was having the name of the signature appear above the actual signature details. Sorry I am not able to help.


  2. Very very helpful, I couldn’t work it out for the life of me. Problem soved. THANK YOU!!!

  3. Thanks for this post. I was having the same problem and your solution worked perfectly.


  4. You’re the Best!!!

  5. THANK YOU!! I had been fighting with this for hours..

  6. Hi,
    Well done !
    My issue is solved

    Regards from France

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