Replace Your Old Refrigerator For Bigger Savings?


My Refrigerator Savings Calculator Results


If you have an older refrigerator you could save some serious coin by replacing it with an energy star model.  Refrigerators from the late 1980’s and back will see the biggest savings in energy use and costs.  I tried using the Refrigerator Retirement Savings Calculator provided by to see how much we could save.   Our 1995 Hotpoint Model: CTX18LYY showed an additional yearly cost of $52 compared to another energy star rated fridge. Almost $260 over five years!

In additional to the reduced energy usage and cost savings you might find that you’d be eligible for some sort of cash rebate from your local electric utility company.  Our local White River Electric CoOp offers a $75 rebate for qualifying energy star refrigerator appliances.  So with the yearly savings on electricity usage, CoOp rebates and tax incentives it may make sense to replace your old fridge.

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